Eddie Noga - Professional Retriever Trainer - Located in North Texas Near Dallas Texas Specializing in AKC Hunt Test, Waterfowl Dogs, Gun Dogs, Duck Dogs, and All Breed Obedience and Boarding.
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"...I would not hesitate to recommend even my closest friends to let Eddie train their dogs."

Cal Wiggins

Chocloate Labrador Gundog being trained for waterfowl hunting, Duck Hunting, Dove Hunting, Quial Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, or just bird hunting.

"It has been a great experience with Eddie and Zion Kennels. Eddie is knowledgeable, personable and has the patience to get the best from your dog. We enjoyed the ability to interact and work with our dog during training. I would highly recommend Eddie and Zion Kennels to all."

Payton Hurst paytonhurst@yahoo.com

"I can tell you Maisy did not even try to break out of her Kennel, and she followed me around the yard.. Brandy (his Wife) is amazed at what she is like not jumping on anyone.

Thanks again for all that you have done. I will be sending you guys some pictures real soon.. Also I had a couple of church friends over last night and they say that I went out an bought a new dog… they can not believe that it is her…

Have a great day, and we will see you guys next summer.

Wes Gibbs www.appraisalvue.com




Zion Kennels offers basic and intermediate through advanced training. To insure quality of training and care we only take a limited number of dogs. Dogs are trained individually, one on one with a trainer. We encourage owner participation at all levels and also encourage dogs to return annually for refresher courses and physical conditioning (Tune-ups).


Zion Kennels - Professional Retriever Training Kennel in North Texas near Oklahoma for Gun dogs , AKC Hunt Tests, and Young dog work for AKC Field Trials.

Please keep in mind that all dogs are created differently in their ability to learn and absorb information. We recommend beginning training for a dog at 4 to 6 months old (depending on the dog's breeding). The younger you can start any type of training program is more beneficial for you and your dog. Dogs create bad habits just like humans. The older the dog gets the more bad habits they have. Usually the younger age a dog starts training the easier it is on the dog (and the trainer).

We believe in customizing your dogs training program to ensure maximum interest, fun, success and enthusiasm for both your dog and you. All of our training programs can be modified to fit you and your dogs personality and specific needs. Not all dogs will follow the agenda set out in our training programs. This is okay, we understand and have no problem in individualizing any training program.

Yellow labrador in Gundog Retreiver Training with a Tri Tronics Collar on with a leash

We are available via telephone and email. And, we encourage you to call or come visit during training sessions as often as you like.

We will let you know with all honesty how your dog is progressing and his ability to reach various levels of training. You and your dog will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect at all times.

Your dog's success and enthusiasm, on and off

the field, is what we strive for in our training and is why we love training dogs.

References are available on the left hand column of each page on the website. If you need more they are available upon request.

Remember, while the training outline is the same for each canine, the method and pace may differ based on the canine’s

temperament, socialization, and ability to learn. Whether you have a puppy or an older dog each can be taught to become good citizens. They are first schooled in the method of learning. Each canine entering into one of the programs below will include behavior modification (jumping up, pulling, biting, etc.).
Black Labrador Gundog being trained for waterfowl hunting, Duck Hunting, Dove Hunting, Quial Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, or just bird hunting.

Retriever Puppy Head Start Program
Zion Kennels is recognized as one of the leading Retriever Head Start programs in the country. Steve Stidham, a nationally known AKC Hunt Test Professional said at a recent training day with Big D Retriever Club out of Dallas Texas that, " Eddie Noga is one of, if not the best, young dog trainers in the country."

Retriever Puppy Training is the right start for hunting and competition dogs. Zion Kennels presents a program of basic training for turning young retrievers into efficient and enthusiastic workers. Although many retriever owners are very competent trainers, they lack a plan of continuity so important for developing a puppy confidence. This program uses a step-by-step teaching schedule that correlates to a dog’s mental and physical development.

This program is also for puppies that are between the ages of 2 and 4 months old. The program introduces the puppy to water, gun fire, birds, boats, decoys, basic obedience commands, and socialization with other dogs. Our goal is to make each puppy as "birdy" as possible and to love the retrieving game.

Price: $500.00 per month

Gun Dog/Basic Training Program
We define "basic training" as the minimum amount of training your dog should have before taking it to the field. At this level, all the dogs are force fetched along with electric collar conditioning; the dogs after the basic phase will be able to pass an AKC Junior Hunter. For all electric collar training, we use and recommend Tri-tonics electric collars. During basic training, dogs are exposed to guns, birds, boats, decoys, and water. Price: $600.00 per month
Professional Trained Labradors Retrievers - Hunting Gun Dogs in Texas - AKC Hunt Test Dogs
Labrador RetrieverTraining Whistle - Mega Whistle Intermediate Training Program The intermediate level training is designed to follow the basic training program. Concentrated obedience work, along with steady retrieving, is the focus at this stage. All dogs start simple basic multiple
marking along with transition drills. The dog also runs pattern drills, through which it learns to do hand and whistle signals, which ultimately leads to the ability to do "blind retrieves". Following competition dogs are able to complete in an AKC Senior Hunter test. Price: $600.00 per month
Professional Trained Labradors Retrievers - Hunting Gun Dogs in Texas - AKC Hunt Test Dogs Black Labrador Gundog being trained for waterfowl hunting, Duck Hunting, Dove Hunting, Quial Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, or just bird hunting. Advanced Training Program
In the Advanced stage dogs get more complicated marking and blind work. Advanced work includes doubles, triple, and quadruple marks (retrieves in which the dog sees the bird fall and marks it). Blind retrieves simulates a hunting situation in which the dog does not see the bird fall. While many hunting dogs do not possess this skill, it represents a tremendous advantage. Upon completion they can complete at an AKC Master Hunter test. Price: $600.00 per month

Has your retriever sat in the kennel all year without any work? If so, then it will need a good tune up on the commands and field work it already knows in order to be ready for that opening morning of hunting. Every July & August we start scheduling pre-season tune-ups for your working retriever to help them get into shape before hunting season. This program is designed for the retriever that has previous training and field experience, but needs a tune-up for the upcoming hunting season. We will focus on improve their physical cardio and stamina to prevent injury in the field, steadiness, marking and any other commands your retriever may already know. Price: $550.00 per month

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Eddie Noga - Professional Retriever Trainer - Located in North Texas Near Dallas Texas

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