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" Dixie is great and her demeanor is much calmer than before sending her you. Everyone is very impressed. Also, she is doing well at not jumping all people. Thanks so much and have a wonderful Sunday."

Les Malnory

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"...I would not hesitate to recommend even my closest friends to let Eddie train their dogs."

Cal Wiggins

Chocloate Labrador Gundog being trained for waterfowl hunting, Duck Hunting, Dove Hunting, Quial Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, or just bird hunting.

"It has been a great experience with Eddie and Zion Kennels. Eddie is knowledgeable, personable and has the patience to get the best from your dog. We enjoyed the ability to interact and work with our dog during training. I would highly recommend Eddie and Zion Kennels to all."

Payton Hurst paytonhurst@yahoo.com



Obedience Training

Why we need to train our dogs.....

In today’s world, our pets live indoors, have wardrobes, travel with us, and eat gourmet food. Making them part of the family has greatly improved their standard of living and enriched our lives as well. The problem with this is that we often lead our dogs to believe that they have a higher status in the family than we do. When this happens, the dog no longer knows what his job is, and we end up creating unstable and/or neurotic pets who behave badly and project canine aggression, which is upsetting and can be dangerous.

Dogs are pack animals and, in a dog's world, a pack must have a leader. If you do not make a conscious choice to be the leader, then by default, your dog is. You must train your dog to give him the structure and

boundaries which provide him with security and confidence. And you must learn how to provide this guidance for your dog.

Does this mean your dog can’t have fun? Of course not! You do not have to break a dog’s spirit or rob him of his individuality in order to establish leadership. Nor do you need to pin him to the ground or growl in his face. Zion Kennels dog training programs are designed to help you learn how your dog perceives our world. We will customize a dog training program to meet the needs of both you and your pet. You will see immediate results because you will learn how to communicate with your dog in a humane manner that makes sense to both of you.


Weather you call it “Doggie Boot Camp”, “Doggie School”, or "Doggie College" It works. This program is for pet owners who do not have the time in their schedule to practice, practice, practice and maintain the consistency required to change the behavior

of delinquent dogs. Board & Train programs include basic obedience, socialization, health and weight loss (if needed), and problem solving. Each program is customized to fit the particular needs of your household and pet. The programs range from a 14 day on lead (leash) Basic Obedience Training to a 4 week off lead Advanced Training. Each program includes lessons for training the handler (you), boarding, daily socialization with other dogs, daily play times, and of course the training sessions where the dogs learn all the commands needed to be a good citizen.

Does this really work? You bet! Your dog learns to behave in any environment. Zion Kennels board and train programs succeed while other board and train programs fail because we take the time to train YOU.

Obedience Program - Medium & Large Breeds Only
This is just for people wanting an obedient dog. Your dog will also be socialized to other dogs and all in all be a good citizen.

Basic Obedience – Is a two to three week board stay program that covers four commands (sit, stay, here, and heal) on lead starting at 4 months of age or older.
Price : $600.00, 2- 3 week course. Half on drop off and second half on pickup.

Advance Obedience – Is a four to five week board stay program that covers five commands (sit, stay, here, heal and down) off lead and hand signal commands at 6 months of age or older.
Price: $900.00, 4 - 5 week course. Half on drop off and second half on pickup.

Checklist for Drop Off
  1. Application for Obedience Training needs to be filled out in full.
  2. Shot Record from your vet. All dogs must have a copy of their vaccination records for me to view or permanently keep. Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Corona, and Bordatella (within 6 months) are a must. Giardia is optional.
  3. First payment in advance.
  4. Monthly Heart Worm preventative is required. Please bring enough for the dogs entire stay.
  5. Frontline or Advantage is optional. All dogs must be free of fleas and ticks, or a dose of Frontline will be applied at owners expense.
Professional Trained Labradors Retrievers - Hunting Gun Dogs in Texas - AKC Hunt Test Dogs

Training Tips For When Your Dog Goes Home!
A good dog's greatest desire is to please you, its master. When you teach your dog good manners through obedience training you increase its pleasure in living since you give it a greater opportunity to be with you and to serve you. You give it a feeling of confidence in itself and in its master, and you are making it a better member of the community in which it lives. Every minute you spend training your dog is going to be repaid to you in hours of enjoyment in a well-behaved companion who knows and understands what is expected and who is happy to give back to you its unswerving loyalty and trust.

The secret of training dogs, as well as humans, is to see that they know and understand what it is you want them to do. Then make sure that they do it every time you give the command. It is most important in training to know what a dog can understand and how you can make it understand it. Here are a few principles of training:

Catch Your Dog Being Good
You need to teach your dog to learn right from wrong, Let your dog associate pleasure with obedience. Praise and reward it when it does the right thing. Pats, strokes,
smiles, and soothing voice tone will soon teach your dog that you approve of its behavior. To minimize confusion, a dog must also learn that a stiff "No!" means that its behavior at the moment is not desirable. Let your dog associate disapproval with failure and disobedience. This is the basis for all training methods. The clearer you are in sending messages of approval and disapproval, the faster your dog will learn. Most dogs will strive to please you and obey your commands, so catch them being good both at training and at home.

Be Consistent
Dogs are natural born schemers and actors. They will make a game of out-guessing and disobeying you unless they know they will win instant disapproval and correction every time they disobey, as well as approval every time they are obedient. Confusion arises on the dog's part if you let it get away with a wrong-doing one time and then correct it for another, Your consistent behavior wins repeated obedience from your dog, whereas inconsistency slows or stops the learning process.

Be Patient And Kind As Well As Persevering
Angry scolding or punishment when your dog is slow to understand or obey only confuses it and makes it hesitant about trying new acts for fear of doing them wrong and incurring your displeasure. A few firm words of displeasure are usually punishment enough. By being kind, you can heighten your dog's natural desire to please you, Sometimes a power struggle can occur between a dog and its owner. If this happens, you must be very patient and very firm when working with your dog. Making your dog understand that you are going to win every time it chooses to be dominant requires much perseverance and energy on your part. If you let a mistake go uncorrected one time, you are undoing hours of work, as the dog will constantly be tempted to repeat the undesirable behavior again.

Only One Person Trains The Dog Initially
It is humanly impossible for two people to think, talk, and act alike. Decide which member of the family is going to do the training and leave that part of your dog's education entirely up to that individual. After the dog has thoroughly learned its commands and what is expected of it, then other members of the household may begin working with the dog. They, too, must ensure that the dog quickly obeys commands every time.

Keep Your Dog's Attention During Training
Take your dog, on leash, to a quiet place at home when you begin your homework. That place should be free from distractions by other people and dogs at first. Talk to it in a cheerful manner en route, telling it that it is time for "doggie school". Play with your dog a bit to arouse its interest and to get it to center its attention on you. Work the actual training procedure right in with your play. Give a command, make the dog execute it correctly and then make a great fuss over it. Complete all the exercises and then end the lesson on a cheerful note with a command that your dog can do. Try to end the training session before your dog loses interest. Short, daily sessions are far superior to long sessions with no work in between. Practice does make perfect.

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Eddie Noga - Professional Retriever Trainer - Located in North Texas Near Dallas Texas

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